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When the client isn't sure what they want...

So this Sunday I did a gig for a christening. The quota was to entertain the adults, but mostly the children, but not a kids party, but its for the kids....

Mind a little blown, don't get me wrong that is a perfect description of a party. Most Weddings don't even know what they really want so its our job to find out. I just found this a great example because an adults party isn't a kids party and a kids party isn't an adults party. You can see my problem too right....

So I started with 80's cheese (the all time party winner) that went down okay and I had the requests system up so the requests were coming in but noone seemed to be really enjoying themselves. So I started being a bit silly, throwing in party dances and then I decided it was time to look outside of the box... it was time to do a party dance noone knew and get the adults involved too. Chu chu ah it is then. I call up the children and then get them to grab the adults, I teach them the dance and we all looked like idiots and best of all those not involved are laughing and recording it all. So decision made, its kids party time with the adults as the cheering fans. We had teams and the adults were loving cheering them on. We did this for an out and once the children were suitably knackered I decided to fullfill the only request I had ignored, half an hour of old school rave. Somehow that worked. My point is we don't really every know what we want from a party or what to expect but if you do it right and all work together, the strangest parties will always be the best.

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