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A little covid blog

Okay Covid has been a nasty nasty little beast. It has cancelled many a Wedding and it doesn't seem to care (wait is the government covid?) We are doing fine at K & D IOW but we feel so bad for all of our amazing clients who have lost out on their big day in exchange for a very small day.

However here is the thing we have still been able to be involved, it has meant entertaining less people and sticking to strict guidelines but the thing is the happiest day of your life will always be the happiest day. We can't let this get us down, we need to do whatever we can but don't give in, don't let covid destroy what you want to do, just do is safely.

Entertainment is still legal so use it, don't sit in silence wondering what happened to your plans, enjoy it, make the most of it and most importantly enjoy your day.

We will help to make your big day memorable.

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