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Thank you Christmas you beautiful beast!

Wow, what a Christmas period we have had.... but lets just talking about the lead up to Christmas, those final 7 days (Craig David is in my head now). We did 28 gigs in that week. Well done to all of the guys and I did 7 days straight (okay I nearly died Christmas day while my body caught up). It was all so worth it for the incredible gigs and the genuine gratitude from each of the events. I would struggle to pick a favourite but one things that really blew me away wasn't actually a Christmas gig. It was a Phillipino Birthday party. If you have every been to one of these you will understand that they are filled with traditions and some of the best food you will ever eat. There is a part of the proceedings where the Celebrant (Birthday girl) receives praise and best wishes from everybody there, all of the things that they love and cherish about the celebrant. Its amazing to hear love coming from every guest. After it I felt the need to say my own part... I said this... "Cora, thank you for inviting me to be a part of your day and the hugest of happy birthdays to you, all of these people here have gathered on your birthday because of tradition and that in itself is a beautiful thing but the thing that has made them stay and say such wonderful things is love, Love for you and your family and friends is what keep these traditions alive. With all of the love I have seen here today I know these traditions will survive for generations" I know that sounds kinda soppy but I really felt that in the moment and had to share it with them. So now I share it with you!

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