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Sorry its been a while.....

Well its been crazy recently. Thank you all so much. What have I done since I last posted... Well im not sure because my site is playing up and I can't see my last blog LOL.

But here is a recent summary, I did a Wedding for "don't tell the bride " so that should be on TV in December. Ive been Jammed solid aside from one weekend I had a last minute cancellation for a pub Karaoke (landladys dad doesnt like karaoke and decided he would stay in the pub) so not Dave needed. and then the same Saturday a rather rude customer cancelled without letting me know.

But what I have really enjoyed recently is reading all of the reviews you guys have sent in. Its Amazing how each one has been 100% positive and all 10/10 scores.

Looking forward to reading some more of your lovely comments and giving away a free disco at the end of November.

Speak soon guys

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